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3.25 inch Stoltz Boat Trailer Roller End Cap 5/8" Bore

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3.25 inch Stoltz Boat Trailer Roller End Cap 5/8" Bore
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3.25 inch Stoltz Roller End Cap with a 5/8 inch inner bore
This Stoltz Roller End Cap is meant to be mounted on either end of a Stoltz Roller. When using a 3.25 Stoltz End cap, you get the added protection and security by covering the previously exposed roller bracket. In the event that the boat is not loaded properly, the roller bracket will be covered and wont scratch up the hull of your boat. Also, when using these Stoltz End caps, you need a roller shaft that is slightly longer, so double check to make sure you get the proper length roller shaft if buying a complete assembly. If you have any questions please contact us! 
Safely matches up the outer diameter on the 8 inch Stoltz Keel Roller10 inch Stoltz Keel Roller, and 12 inch Stoltz Keel Roller for a flush mounting surface. 
The 5/8 inner Bore of the End Cap still allows you to use the common 5/8 inch Zinc Plated Boat Trailer Roller Shaft Pal Nuts to secure the Stoltz Roller Assembly. 
Will not Rust or Mark up Your Boat
Extremely Cut and Abrasion Resistant
Makes Launching a Breeze
Guaranteed to outlast any other roller on the market!
Non-Imitation, the real thing! Made in the USA!

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