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Guide Pole Mounting Brackets

Below are mounting solutions for installing guide ons and side guides to many types and sizes of trailer frames. Be sure to check the item description of the kit you'd like to get to make sure it fits your frame dimensions.
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2 inch Galvanized Boat Trailer Hat Bracket for V Guide of Bunk Support
OOTB Item Sku: 100407

Made from 7 Gauge Galvanized Steel

Mounts V Guides and 2" x 2" posts to 3" Tall Crossmembers

Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish Great for Boat Trailers
2 inch Galvanized Hat Bracket Support for 3" Crossmember
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1 1/2 inch Electro-Plated Galvanized Boat Trailer Hat Bracket for Guide Poles
OOTB Item Sku: 100450

Made from 1/8" Galvanized Steel

Popular uses: Guide Poles or Bunk Brackets

Mounts 1 1/2" Square Galvanized or Aluminum Tubing
1 1/2 in Galvanized Boat Trailer Guide Pole Hat Bracket
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2 inch Aluminum Boat Trailer Hat Bracket for Boat Trailer Bow Guide
OOTB Item Sku: 100454

Made from 3/8" Thick Aluminum

Popular uses: Mounts V guides or 2" x 2" Bunk Brackets

Mounts 2" Square Tube to 3" x 3" Crossmembers
2 inch Hat Bracket Aluminum
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Boat Trailer I Beam Clamps Guide Pole Mounting Bracket Kit with Stainless Bolts
OOTB Item Sku: 100989

Mounts 1 1/2" Square Guide Poles

Will Secure Guide Poles to most Standard I Beam Widths

Includes Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts
Galvanized I Beam Guide Pole Mounting Brackets for Boat Trailer or Lift
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Boat Trailer Universal Guide Pole and Post Mounting U Bolt Kit
OOTB Item Sku: 101043

Will mount 1 1/2" Square Guide Poles to Trailer Frames

Secures to frames up to 3" Wide and 4 " Tall

Includes Galvanized and Zinc Plated Hardware as well as 2" PVC Caps
Ce Smith Boat Trailer Guide Pole U Bolt and Bracket Mounting Hardware
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Boat Trailer I Beam Clamp for Mounting Guide Poles
OOTB Item Sku: 143507

Single Replacement Clamp / Bracket

Galvanized for Corrosion Protection

Fits 1 1/2" Guide Poles and Great for I Beam Frames
Galvanized I Beam Guide Pole Mounting Bracket
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