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12 inch Trailer Wheels

These 12 inch Trailer Wheels are typically mounted on 4.80x12 and 5.30x12 Trailer tires. We have both 4 Lug and 5 Lug Bolt Pattern options for your small boat or utility trailer. Hot-Dipped galvanized and aluminum are ideal for Boat Trailers in freshwater and saltwater environments.
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Boat Trailer Wheel 12 inch Galvanized 5 Lug 5 on 4 1/2 Bolt Pattern
OOTB Item Sku: 100095
MPN: 20134

12 inch x 4 inch Trailer Wheel

Great for 4.80 x 12 and 5.30 x 12 Trailer Tires

Ideal for Light Duty Boat Trailers
12 inch Galvanized Spoke Wheel / Rim
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