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8 inch Trailer tires

We have three different sizes in 8 inch Trailer tire for your Small Boat Trailer. These are Bias Ply Trailer Tires and are ideal for 4 Lug or 5 Lug Wheels on a 1,400lb or 2,000lb capacity Boat Trailer axle. You most commonly see these tires on john boat trailers, jet ski trailers. Loadstar bias ply tires feature more tread depth than any other brand of trailer tire on the market.
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Trailer Tire 4.80x8 8 in Bias Load Range B 590lb by Loadstar
OOTB Item Sku: 100080
MPN: 10002

Overall Diameter: 16.1 inches - Side Width: 4.7 inches

Great for Light Duty Trailers with 5 Lug Axles

590lb Capacity @ 90 psi LRC
Great for Small Trailers, 590 lbs of capacity per tire! Mounts on Galvanized or White Steel Wheel!
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Trailer Tire 18.5 x 8.5 x 8 Loadstar Tire Also Called 215/60 - 8
OOTB Item Sku: 100584
MPN: 1HP26

Overall Diameter: 18.3 inches - Side Width 8.9 inches

Great For Light Duty Boat Trailers

935lb Capacity @ 50 psi LRC
Super Duty Low Profile Trailer Tires!!
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