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Marine Bunk Board Carpet

This is Marine Grade Bunk Carpet, intended for use on boat trailer bunk boards and supports. You will find it here sold by the foot, and already mounted on Bunk Boards. We have both 11 inch Wide Bunk Carpet and 18 inch Wide Bunk Carpet. After determining which width will work best for you, determine the best length, keeping in mind sometimes a little overlap is best just to be safe. Typically the 11 inch Wide Bunk Carpet is used on 2 x 4's, and the 18 inch wide Carpet would be used larger 4 x 6 or 4 x 8 Posts. When installing marine grade bunk carpet on bunk boards, it is not necessary to have complete coverage. It is very common on larger diameter posts to have the top and sides covered, but have the bottom exposed. This allows or faster drying of the carpet and wood after dunking.