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Caliber Bunk Slide Kit for Boat and Jet-Ski Trailers 3" x 15" 10 Pack

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Caliber Bunk Slide Kit for Boat and Jet-Ski Trailers 3" x 15" 10 Pack
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This listing is for the Caliber Boat Trailer Marine Slides that are designed to make loading and unloading your Boat or Jet-Ski smooth and easy. Each Bunk Protector measure 3 Inches wide by 15 Inches in length and are made from a strong weather-resistant material designed to hold up against harsh marine environments. This set includes the required mounting hardware needed so these Marine Bunk Slides can be installed straight out of the package without the need to purchase additional hardware. This hardware in Stainless Steel, meaning they will not rust or corrode overtime. 

These Bunk Board Marine Slides are a great replacement for your existing worn out Slides on your Boat or Jet Ski Trailer, and can also be used as an excellent addition to upgrade the function of your Trailer's current Bunk Boards if you've never used Bunk Slides in the past. The slick, low-friction surface of these slides allows you to easily launch and retrieve your boat and jet ski trailer with ease. Reducing the friction between the Hull and the Trailer prevents future damage to your Boat or Jet Ski and allows a smoother, safer experience on the water.

Bunk Marine Slides are a must have for any boater who are frequently launching and retrieving their boat or Jet Ski's, making these ideal for charter captains as well as your every day boater. Due to the ease of installation, smooth slick surface, as well as the durable construction, these slides extend the life of your Hull and Bunk boards, as well as making loading and unloading a breeze!

- UV Protected
- Stainless Steel Hardware Included
- Low Friction Composite material
- Great for Trailers, Dry Docks, & Lifts

Kit includes:
(10) 3" x 15" Marine Slide Sections
(60) Stainless Steel Screws

Tools Needed: 
- Power Drill with #2 Phillips Bit
- Marker
- Tape Measure

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