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13 inch Trailer tires

Loadstar 13 inch Trailer tires are available in both bias ply and steel belted radial. ST175/80 13 inch trailer tires are extremely common on single axle boat trailers, but are also seen on many land trailers as well. Remember when looking at Radial vs. Bias, the Steel Belt in the Radial tires makes them optimal for Highway use, where the Nylon based Bias ply tires are great for around town trailering. All Loadstar Trailer tires come with a Manufacturers Worry-Free Warranty. In this category we have both Bias Ply trailer tires and Radial Trailer Tires in the 13 inch size. These Loadstar Trailer tires are top of the line and feature increased tread depth over any other competitor.
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Trailer Tire ST175/80D13 Bias Ply 13 in Load Range C 1360lb by Loadstar
OOTB Item Sku: 100052
MPN: 1ST76

Overall Diameter: 24 inches - Side Width: 6.6

Great for 2200lb and 3500lb Axles on Boat Trailers

1360lb Capacity @ 50 psi LRC
ST175/80D13 Bias Ply Trailer Tire, Built for Rugged Performance and to last!
$83.21  $59.44
In Stock
Trailer Tire ST175/80R13 Radial Tire 13 in Load Range C 1360lb by Loadstar
OOTB Item Sku: 100060
MPN: 10199

Overall Diameter: 24.1 inches - Side Width: 7 inches

Great for 3500lb 5 Lug Axles on all types of Trailers

1360lb Capacity @ 50 psi LRC
Great Long Lasting Radial For Utility, Enclosed, or Boat Trailer!
$106.98  $71.85
In Stock