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Stoltz Replacement Bumper Pad for Adjustable Bow Stop

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Stoltz Replacement Bumper Pad for Adjustable Bow Stop
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This is Stoltz part # RP-17, it is the replacement Pad for the Heavy Duty Bow Catch Assembly we have on our website, which uses large, High Quality Stoltz Orange Polyurethane Bumpers to catch the bow of your boat without marking its hull or damaging its Gel Coat.  This is just another reason that the Heavy Duty Stoltz Bow  Catch is the best on the market.  If something ever does happen to one of the bumpers, you can simply replace it and the bow catch is good as new!

These Bumpers are made of Polyurethane, which is cast into a mold with 2 bolts in it, so the mounting bolts are fused inside the Polyurethane Bumper.  All you need in order to replace your Stoltz Bow Catch Bumper is to remove the Hex Nuts securing the old bumper, remove the old pad and insert the new one through the mounting holes, and re-secure it using the same Hex nuts from the previous Pad.

- High Quality Polyurethane Build
- Mounting Bolts included, molded within part
- Replacement for the Polymer Bow Rest Catcher
Bolts Measure 3" on center

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