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Trailer Spindle For 3500 lb Axle #84 1.5 inch Square

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Trailer Spindle For 3500 lb Axle  #84 1.5 inch Square
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This is a Weld in Trailer Spindle that will accommodate a 3500 lb  Straight Trailer axle Beam and corresponding wheel bearings. This Spindle is referred to as a #84 Spindle, using a 1 3/8" ID Inner Wheel Bearing and a 1 1/16" ID Outer Wheel Bearing. Additionally, this Spindle uses the standard 1.72" ID Seal Surface. 
Please look at the Pictures with this listing for the exact dimensions of this Weld in Spindle. You would purchase this item if you are planning to repair one end of your trailer axle, or build on from scratch. This Spindle Does not come with instructions for welding and proper installation. This Spindle is for an Axle that uses Leaf Springs, and is not intended to be mounted into a torsion axle. 
This Spindle includes the Castle Nut, Spindle Washer, and Cotter Pin. 

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