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Galvanized Torsion Axle 3500lb Capacity 86 inch Hub Face For 72 inch I Beam Trailer Frame

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Galvanized Torsion Axle 3500lb Capacity 86 inch Hub Face For 72 inch I Beam Trailer Frame


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This 3500 lb Capacity Galvanized Boat Trailer Torsion Axle from Tie Down Engineering features removable Spindles to allow for extended use of the Axle. Additionally, this axle features Pre Installed Vortex Hubs. The Sealed and secured Vortex hub features a 6 Year, 100,000 mile warranty. These Galvanized Torsion Axles are common on many different brands of Boat Trailers. A Boat Trailer with a Torsion Axle suspension will not have Leaf Springs. Instead, Four Rubber Chords surround the inner axle shaft to provide shock absorption at the appropriate levels based on the terrain and load spring. This Torsion Axle is sold with the Hubs Installed, and we also sell Lug nuts separately if you need them to complete your axle assembly.

Torsion Axles are mounted to the frame of boat trailers using U Bolts or Bolts. Additionally, these galvanized axles can be mounted to I Beam Frames, Tubing Frames, and C Channel Frames. The Hardware you will use will depend upon your Trailer Frame and Measurements.  In most Cases this Axle would be used on an Aluminum I Beam Frame that previously had a Torsion Axle, and just needs a replacement. 
This 3500 lb Capacity Torsion Axle includes installed 5 Lug Boat Trailer Vortex Hubs that will accommodate the standard 1 3/8" Inner Wheel Bearing (68149) and 1 1/16" Outer wheel Bearing (44649), and use a 1.72" Inner Diameter Grease Seal. This is a V Bend Style Torsion Axle for Boats that require the Clearance for the Boats Hull. This Axle can be used on a Single Axle, Tandem Axle, or Triple Axle Trailer. This Axle additionally features standard 4 Hole Brake Flanges to allow you to mount Disc Brakes to your Torsion Axle for safer towing. The hub studs are 1/2-20" diameter, so you would want to use a 1/2-20" diameter lug nuts.

To Determine if this Galvanized Torsion Axle is an adequate replacement for yours, please see the below measurements. Also See Pictures For Reference 

Torsion Axle Hub Face (Track Measurement or Center of Tire Measurement) - 86 inches

Brake Flange Measurement - 80 inches

Outside of Torsion Bracket - 74 1/4" inches

Torsion Starting Angle Height - It is common for this measurement to change over time as the Axle gets used, "No Load" would essentially be nothing on the Trailer, where "Full Load" would be the Boat Loaded on the trailer 
No Load - 4.26"
Full Load - 2.04"
Torsion Axle Starting Angle - 30 Degree Down

Common I Beam Trailer Frame For This Axle Size - 72 inch Wide Trailer Frames - Measured where the Torsion Axle Mounts, outside to outside

This Axle is most commonly used on Boat Trailers with a 72 inch wide I Beam Trailer Frame. If you have an I Beam Trailer Frame, either Click the Check Box for (4) I Beam Torsion Axle Mounting Bolts SS, or Go to 1/2 inch Diameter by 1 1/2 inch Long Stainless Steel Bolt  and order Qty. 4 for each Torsion Axle that you would like to order. This Torsion Axle features multiple Pre Drilled Holes in the Bracket for mounting to your trailers Frame. If you already have Pre Drilled holes in your trailers frame, it may be possible to re use those holes, if the Mounting Holes in this Torsion Axle Line up. However, it is very common and very likely that the holes will not line up, requiring you to Drill Mounting holes in your I Beam if you choose to use Bolts to mount your Torsion Axle. 

This TDE Torsion Axle features the innovative Vortex Hub Greasing System. Essentially this is a sealed Greasing System, that eliminates the need for regular maintenance and inspection. With the integration of a protective Grease Seal Guard, and Thread Vortex Cap, the Bearing chamber is protected and guaranteed for 6 Years and 100,000 miles. Should the need arise to inspect your Wheel Bearings, the Vortex cap can be removed, and dismounting the hub is similar to other systems.

These Axles are common on Continental Boat Trailers, Magic Tilt Trailers, Loadmaster Trailers, Float On Trailers, and many others. In some cases getting a replacement torsion axle may mean getting one that is slightly different. The most common difference might be the Bracket that is used to mount it to your trailer. 

6 Year, 100,000 Mile Limited Warranty from Tie Down Engineering. 

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