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Trailer Lug Nuts 9/16-18 Thread Zinc Plated Open Style

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Trailer Lug Nuts 9/16-18 Thread Zinc Plated Open Style
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This Fine Thread Zinc Plated Lug nut will fit your Trailer Idler Hub, Drum, Or Disc Rotor Studs with a 9/16” Diameter.  Most Trailer Wheel Studs up to about 7,000-8,000lb Capacity will use ½” Studs and Lug Nuts, many 8 lug, 8,000lb-10,000lb Set ups will use this larger 9/16” Style though.  If you are looking for another size of lug nut, or a different Style, we have many options available here the Trailer Lug Nut Category page.

These Trailer Lug Nuts are open style, coned Lug Nuts.   The Coned side goes toward the wheel to offer a tighter hold between the wheel and the hub.  These are fine thread Lug Nuts, with a 9/16” – 18 thread size.  The Zinc Plating on this Lug Nut Helps to protect it against corrosion and gives the exterior a nice silver finish.


-Zinc Plated for Added Corrosion Resistance

-9/16” – 18 thread

-60 degree Coned Open Lug Nut

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