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Boat Trailer Tire ST205/75D14 LRC on Galvanized Wheel 5 Lug Rim by Eco-Trail

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Boat Trailer Tire ST205/75D14 LRC on Galvanized Wheel 5 Lug Rim by Eco-Trail


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This is an Eco-Trail ST205/75D14 Load Range C bias ply trailer tire is mounted on a 5 bolt hot-dipped galvanized steel wheel, a common trailer tire for single axle and tandem axle boat trailers, utility trailers, and other types of trailers using 5 lug 3,500 lb axles. Each tire has a weight capacity of 1,360 lbs and has Eco-Trail's variable tread pitch and revolutionary tread design that give every tire the appearance and footprint of a radial trailer tire. The tread design gives these tires great road contact and reduces road noise while retaining their highway speed load rating of 75 mph. The hot-dipped galvanized coating makes these a great replacement option for boat trailers in both freshwater and saltwater marine environments, as they offer superior resistance to rust and corrosion in comparison to a standard painted steel wheel. If you need new tires for your single axle or tandem axle boat trailer or utility trailer these wheels are an excellent choice, and they are ready to mount right onto your hub out of the box! 
Tire Specs
- Load Range C (6 Ply)
- Section Width: 7.9 inches
- Overall Diameter: 26.5 inches
- Capacity: 1,760 lbs
- Max 50 PSI
- 5 on 4.5 inch bolt pattern

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