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Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy 1.980 Stainless Steel For 4 and 5 Lug Hubs

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Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy 1.980 Stainless Steel For 4 and 5 Lug Hubs


(1)- Bearing Buddy Bra 19B (+$3.36)
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This is part number 1980A-SS. This is a great bearing buddy to use in salt water or freshwater since it is stainless steel and therefore will not rust. This bearing buddy measures 1.98" at its base, which is the portion that will be mounted into the outer face of your trailer hub. It is designed to be used in most 4 Lug or 5 Lug hubs that would otherwise use standard 1.98 Dust Caps. The blue indicator ring will protrude slightly to let you know when it's full, or recede when you need to add extra grease. Bearing buddies put a small amount internal pressure in the hub (about 3psi). When the hub is submerged, water cannot enter the hub because of this pressureIt's a great way to extend bearing life and service your bearings in-between hub re-packs. Bearing Buddy's help keep dirt and water out of your hubs and bearings. 

The simple route to installing a Trailer Buddy Protector would be using a hammer and a piece of sturdy wood. Keep in mind that applying even force with the hammer will ensure you get it evenly mounted inside the Hub. Hammer the Bearing Buddy until it is fully seated into the Hub. Once it is installed, you are now able to apply grease through the external fitting. 
The unique functions of the Trailer Bearing Buddy allow you to protect your wheel bearings from corrosion that could easily result if water were to enter the hubs chamber. This particular size is most common on standard 6 Lug Trailer hubs and can be used on Idler Hubs (non-braking), integral disc brakes, or brake drums. 
As wheel bearing grease breaks down over time, it will still be ideal to service your trailer wheel bearings by removing the Bearing Buddy protector and your hub to visually inspect your grease and wheel bearings. 
Be mindful not to overfill your Bearing Buddy chamber as well. The indicator ring will let you know when your hub is full of grease. The result of overfilling is typically always a damaged grease seal. The Bearing Buddy Protector is designed to apply a certain amount of pressure, which can be exceeded if grease is continually pumped into the Bearing Buddy after the blue indicator ring has protruded. 

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