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3.5 inch Rubber Boat Trailer Roller End Cap 5/8 Bore

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3.5 inch Rubber Boat Trailer Roller End Cap 5/8 Bore
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This 3.5 inch Black Rubber Roller cap is specifically designed as a protector for your boat. On a common roller assembly, you see a roller, held on by a roller shaft, which is secure inside the roller bracket. This may leave the bracket exposed on either edge, possibly yielding damaged to the boat if the boat is not loaded properly. To permanently prevent injury to the boat, this Rubber End cap can be installed on either end of the roller assembly, thus protecting the boat from damage. You will need a longer roller shaft if you are switching from a single roller setup to a roller with an end cap on each side to accommodate for the extra distance. 
Factor in an extra inch per side to fit the roller end caps and figure out the length of shaft you will be needing. 
This 3.5 inch roller end cap has an inner diameter of 5/8 inches and the outer diameter will match the thickness of the 5 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch Black Rubber Rollerrs for a flush surface with a slight gap, just the distance of the roller bracket (which is not exposed). 
This is for a single end cap. 
MADE in the USA! 

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