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Trailer Leaf Spring Galvanized U-Bolt Kit,Fits 2 x 2 Axle,4 5/16 Long

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Trailer Leaf Spring Galvanized U-Bolt Kit,Fits 2 x 2 Axle,4 5/16 Long
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This Hot-Dipped Galvanized Trailer Leaf Spring U-Bolt kit fits 2 inch by 2 inch square axles to mount your 1 3/4 inch Wide Boat Trailer Leaf Springs to Your Axle. Hot-Dipped galvanized coating helps prevent rust in the harsh marine environments. This U-Bolt Tie Plate Kit is used to mount your trailer leaf springs to your axle by using the 2 U-Bolts and 4 hole plates. This kit includes (4) 1/2 x 2 x 4 5/16 inch square U-Bolts, (2) Galvanized 4 Hole Mounting Plates, (8) galvanized nuts and lock washers. 
This U-Bolt Kit is very common on most medium sized Boat Trailers with 2000 lb 2 x 2 Trailer Axles. 
We carry this U-Bolt mostly for the purposes of using on 2 inch Square Galvanized Axles when you are using Single Leaf and (2) Leaf Slipper Springs. Sometimes you can also use this kit with 3 Leaf 24" Slipper springs. The most common U Bolt Kit would be the one using 4 13/16" U Bolts. However, with a smaller capacity leaf spring, using this listing with the 4 5/16" U Bolt is more ideal. Do not select this kit if you are using Double Eye Springs, as more than likely the U Bolt length will not be long enough. 
Many times you will select this kit if you are purchasing a 2" Square 2200lb Axle from us to replace your old one, where the old one used the Diagonal Style U Bolts, your new axle will require this style of U-Bolt Mounting Kit. 

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