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Replacement Center Section For Boat Trailer V-guide On

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Replacement Center Section For Boat Trailer V-guide On


(4) Stainless Hex Screws [+$1.36]
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This replacement center section for boat trailer V-guide is a perfect replacement for your worn center section. The center section measures 12 ½ inches overall length, 2 inches wide with a inside measurement of 1 ¾ inches. Their have been a couple different versions of bow guides made over the years on different brands of boat trailers. This version mounts to a round galvanized main base. You will notice the curved inner portion of this replacement center piece. If you have the flat style of bow guide, this piece will not fit properly. To install this product you can simply use stainless steel set screws, like Stainless Steel 12 x 1 Hex HD Screw. You will normally use (4) to tightly secure it to your bow guide. 

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