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Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Keel Roller 10 inch Yellow

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Poly Vinyl Boat Trailer Keel Roller 10 inch Yellow
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This Yellow Polyvinyl Boat Trailer Roller is UV Resistant for a long lasting yellow color that won't mark or scratch your boat as the common black rubber boat trailer rollers do.  The Center Bore for this Boat Trailer PVC Keel Roller is 5/8 inch in diameter, so you'd want to use the 5/8 inch Roller Shafts with this Roller.  This Roller fits the standard 10 inch Roller Brackets and assists in Loading and Launching the Boat or Watercraft.

Tough UV-resistant poly vinyl
Cut resistant and shock absorbent
No marring or scratching to your watercraft
Aluminum shaft that won't rust or corrode
5/8 inch Center Bore Diameter
Fits Standard 10 inch Wide Keel Roller Brackets

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