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Kodiak Trailer 250 Brake Caliper Complete Rebuild Kit

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Kodiak Trailer 250 Brake Caliper Complete Rebuild Kit
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If you're experiencing suboptimal braking performance with your 8 Lug Kodiak Trailer Disc Brake System, you may need to service the Calipers to get the system working like new again.  If you notice Brake Fluid leaking around the Caliper, or experience Piston Drag, then Rebuilding the Kodiak Calipers on your Boat or Utility Trailer can fix those problems while saving money on costly replacements.

Kodiak has included all the needed parts to build their 250 Line of Calipers (Either the Dacromet or the Stainless Steel Version) within this Trailer Caliper Rebuild Kit.  This kit will rebuild a single Caliper, so if you're planning on rebuilding more than one just remember you need a rebuild kit for each Caliper you intend to fix.

All of the parts in this kit are Genuine Kodiak Parts, made and manufactured by the same company that manufactured the Calipers on your Kodiak Brake System, so you can be assured the parts are exactly correct for your Caliper's needs.  The Replacement Parts in this kit include a new Rubber Dust Boot, which can get worn out over time and no longer provide a tight seal.  If you notice brake fluid leaking around the dust boot, it is a good idea to replace it.  The kit also includes 2 new rubber bushings, which can get worn out over time due to the Movement inherent in 'floating-style' calipers commonly seen in Trailer Disc Brake setups.  Also included is an entirely new 2.5" Stainless Steel Piston, Piston Seal, and Mounting Bolts.

Once you've rebuilt your Caliper with this kit, you may need to service other parts of your Braking system to make the most of your time.  If you need new Brake Fluid, or Grease for your Rotors Bearings, or anything else for the project, we have it all available on our website so you can pick everything up at one place.

Kit Includes
(1) Replacement Stainless Steel Piston for Kodiak 250 Caliper
(1) Rubber Dust Boot for Kodiak 250 Caliper 
(1) Rubber Piston Seal for Kodiak 250 Caliper
(2) Rubber Sleeve Bushings for Kodiak Stainless Sleeves
(2) Stainless Steel Kodiak Slider Pins/Bolts

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