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3500lb Galvanized 94 inch V-Bend Boat Trailer Axle with Brake Flange

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3500lb Galvanized 94 inch V-Bend Boat Trailer Axle with Brake Flange
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This v bend galvanized boat trailer axle features a 94 inch hub face, with a 99 inch overall measurement. With a 3500lb maximum capacity, this axle can accommodate 5 Lug hubs with the proper wheel bearings, and gives you the ability to mount trailer brakes. Dexter Axles are Made in the USA using the best technology and manufacturing methods to produce the best quality leaf spring axle on the market. This 2 x 2 boat trailer axle mounts to your trailers leaf springs using u bolts and a leaf spring plate. We have multiple options of Leaf Spring U-Bolt Kits to choose from for mounting your axle and springs together. Depending upon your trailers needs, we offer Trailer Hubs and Trailer Bearing Protectors to complete your axle assembly. This Galvanized Dexter Brand Axle includes multiple features that are ideal for boat trailers. All our galvanized boat trailer axles include heavy duty adjustable spring seats, which means no drilling or welding is required to mount your axle and leaf springs together. 
-Includes Galvanized Adjustable Spring Seats. No drilling or welding required
-Hot Dipped Galvanized Axle Beam
-Includes Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve. No rusting or pitting of sear surface
-EZ Lube Greasing System. Grease the fitting on the tip of the spindle, grease exits through the rear port inside the grease seal, forcing old grease out, and new grease in. See Video Below
-Includes Spindle Washer, Spindle Nut, and Spindle Nut Cage
-Has a standard 4 Hole brake flange for mounting trailer disc or drum brakes
-V Bend Style that allows for more clearance of the boats hull
-Made of 2" x 2" x 1/4" thick square tubing
-Tapered Spindle uses 1 1/16"(44649) Outer x 1 3/8"(68149) Inner Wheel Bearings
-Grease Seal Size 1.719" ID
-Hub Face: 94 inches
Hub Face is measured from the outside of one hubface, to the outside of the opposite hubface. Another common term for hub face is axle track. For additional illustration see video below. 
-Overall Length (tip to tip): 99 inches
-Spring Seat Measurement: Will accommodate 76" to 81.5" Leaf Spring Center
The leaf spring center or spring seat refers to the measurement of your trailers leaf spring position in relation to your frame and as it mounts to the axle. This is determined by measuring from the center of one leaf spring, across the axle to the center of the other leaf spring. So center of driver side leaf spring, to the center of the passenger side leaf spring. See Video below for additional illustration and explanation. Your leaf spring measurement must fall inside the above measurements in order to properly work with this axle length. Dexter has determined the acceptable ranges to ensure the proper rating of your axle, and the available room on the axle to mount leaf springs.
Galvanized Axle Features:

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