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Zinc Plated Swing Cam Lock for Enclosed Trailer Doors and Ramps

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Zinc Plated Swing Cam Lock for Enclosed Trailer Doors and Ramps
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This is a replacement Door Bar for your Enclosed Trailer's Side door or Rear Ramp.  The Bar and it's brackets are all Zinc Plated for added Corrosion Resistance in the elements.  Door bars get worn out over time, and they will start to fit looser than they originally did, which often causes the door or ramp that it's supposed to keep tightly closed, to rattle while trailering.  If you notice that the doors on your Enclosed Trailer or Toy Hauler are not staying tightly shut, and it uses this style of Closing mechanism (often called a Trailer Door Bar or Cam Bar), then it is likely a good time to replace the Trailer Door Bar. 

This Zinc Plated Door / Ramp Bar measures 36 inches from end to end, and we have included measurement photos of the mounting hole locations in the photos above to make installation easier.  It's not uncommon to have to drill new holes when replacing a Trailer Cam Bar like this, just be sure to caulk and seal any existing holes that you aren't using for the replacement to keep your trailer in good condition.

-Zinc Plated
-36" Overall Height
-Installation Hardware not included

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