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Stoltz Small End Bell (RP-435) For 3 inch Stoltz Roller RP-335

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Stoltz Small End Bell (RP-435) For 3 inch Stoltz Roller RP-335
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The is a Stoltz 'Bell' shaped end cap, that measures 3" in diameter on the small end, and 4 1/8" on the larger end.  The Thickness of this end bell is only 1/18", because of this it is commonly referred to as the 'small Stoltz end bell', compared to the larger one, RP 434.

This Stoltz Roller Bell Cap is meant to be mounted on either end of a Stoltz Bow Roller.  In this case, the Stoltz Roller that matches this size End Bell is the RP 335.  The center hole diameter is 1/2 inch, so use a 1/2 inch bolt when mounting these Bells to the Matching Stoltz roller.  You may need a longer bolt to accommodate the extra end bells if you are adding the bells to an existing roller setup.

Extremely Cut and Abrasion Resistant
Makes Launching a Breeze
Guaranteed to outlast any other roller on the market!
Non-Imitation, the real thing! Made in the USA! Stoltz Brand Polyurethane is top of the line and outlast any other brand.
1 1/8" thick, 3" diameter to 4 1/8" diameter, 1/2" bolt hole

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