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Zinc Plated Trailer Wheel Bolt 60 Degree 1/2 inch by 7/8 inch

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Zinc Plated Trailer Wheel Bolt 60 Degree 1/2 inch by 7/8 inch
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This 60-degree coned trailer wheel bolt measures 7/8 inches in length and fits 1/2 inch - 20 lug nuts. This wheel bolt is used to secure hub-piloted wheels to a trailer hub and is sized to fit most standard-sized 5 lug, 6 lug, and 8 lug trailer hubs. You might see these wheel bolts used on many different types of trailers, from boat trailers, utility trailers, livestock trailers, agricultural trailers, and more. The zinc-plating is resistant to rust and corrosion so they will work equally well on land-based trailers and boat ski or jet ski trailers in freshwater environments. The wheel bolts accommodate standard 1/2"-20 Lug Nuts such as our Open Style Zinc-Plated 1/2-20 Lug Nut. If you need to replace wheel bolts on your hub that require a 60 degree cone fit and 1/2" x 7/8" sizing, these wheel bolts could be the perfect fit for you!

- Wheel Bolt Thread Diameter: 1/2"
- Threaded Length: 7/8"
- Head Size: 13/16"
- Thread Pitch: 1/2" - 20

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