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Zinc Plated Drive-In Boat Trailer Stud 1/2 in x 2 in for 5-8 Lug Hubs

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Zinc Plated Drive-In Boat Trailer Stud 1/2 in x 2 in for 5-8 Lug Hubs
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This zinc-plated 1/2 inch boat trailer hub stud is a drive-in replacement for 5 Lug to 8 Lug trailer hubs, drums, and brake rotors. The zinc-plating allows this stud to resist corrosion better than raw steel, so it is perfectly suited for use on boat and jet ski trailers, as well as land-based utility trailers. The stud is 2 inches long with a threaded length of about 1.30 inches, a common replacement size for idler hubs, integral disc brake rotors, and brake drum hubs. You will install this stud by driving it into the back of your hub through the empty lug hole with a hammer or mallet, and then tightening down the stud with a lug nut and wrench until the stud is fully seated. From there you can back off the lug nut and reinstall your trailer tire and wheel assembly and get back out on the road safely. This is the ideal replacement part for replacing broken or missing hub studs on your boat trailer or land trailer!

- Stud Thread Diameter: 1/2"
- Threaded Length: 1.30"
- Stud Cap Diameter: 0.67"
- Overall Length: 2.16"
- Thread Pitch: 1/2" - 20

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