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White Lithium Grease Spray Lubricant and Protector

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White Lithium Grease Spray Lubricant and Protector
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This is a 10 oz Spray Can of CRC Marine White Lithium Grease. This Heavy Duty Lubricant will not wash off, melt, or freeze away. The uses for this product on endless. For the purposes of trailer parts, you can apply this spray on Bolts, Lug Studs, trailer balls, latches, and essentially any part you can think of. We offer this product for your trailer suspension system, especially your trailers lug nuts and bolts in order to make them withstand the corrosion they could face. Application is simple, apply multiple even coats the the clean surface of the intended area for protection using the extension tube provide with this can. One can of this product will pay for itself quickly when applied to all those products that previous experienced rust and corrosion. 

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