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Ultimate Aluminum and Stainless Steel High Profile Boat Trailer V-Guide with Stoltz Roller Double U Bolt Style

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Ultimate Aluminum and Stainless Steel High Profile Boat Trailer V-Guide with Stoltz Roller Double U Bolt Style
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This High-Profile Boat Trailer V Guide Kit Consists of All Aluminum and Stainless Steel Parts as well as Stoltz Polyurethane Rollers and Skids Pads, making it the longest lasting V Guide on the Market! The U Bolts, U Bolt Hardware (flat washers, lock washers and hex nuts), Roller Shaft, and Cotter Pins are all Stainless Steel. The Bracket Mounts and Pad Mounts are Aluminum. This Kit is Designed to Fit Around 3 x 3 inch crossmembers with the included Stainless Steel U Bolts and Hardware. With this setup you could mount (2) V Guide to each 3x3 Crossmember on your Trailer if you use Through Bolts instead of the included U Bolts. These V Guides are typically mounted along the center line of your boat, the height is adjustable from about 3 inches to 5 inches, measured from the top of the crossmember to the top of the center of the 12 inch Stoltz Roller. 

This kit is intended for 3 x 3 Straight or V Bend crossmembers. 

 The 12 inch Stoltz Poly Keel Roller is designed to assist you in loading the boat onto the trailer, to help give you that extra push and line up your boat.  The Stoltz material is made of  the Highest Quality Polyurethane that has been tested and proven to outlast "poor quality" poly rollers, it will not mark or mar your boat and it will not dry rot from sun exposure.  

The Parts in this kit will not rust from saltwater corrosion, but this kit would ideally be mounted on aluminum crossmembers to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion from mixing Aluminum + Galvanized Steel in Saltwater. 

Ideally, you want this V support to make contact with the hull of the boat when installing, but it is not necessary in every application. The amount of support and height level really depends upon your particular needs. We would suggest that you first install the v guide at a determined height. When you take your next boat trip, take note of the process of loading your boat. Do you need more height, or less height? The goal of this product is not only to help guide your boat towards the center of your trailer, but also help the bow of your boat reach the desired height to make contact with your winch stand. There is not necessarily a correct adjustment rule standard, you simply have to test fit a height and adjust from there. Upon first use, take it slow, paying attention to the moment when your Bow Guide is contacted, to see the effect it has on the boat. At that point, decide if you need more or less support for the boat to reach the ideal loading position. Also, keep in mind that steeper ramps will change the dynamics of loading. It is always recommended to load your boat at a safe speed to prevent any damage to your gel coat and trailer parts. 

Sturdy Built Tough
This item was made to be the best of the best for what it does on a trailer.  Sturdy Built Tested and Approved to be Sturdy enough for even the largest boats, and Built to stand the test of time - even in Saltwater.

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