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Trimax Universal and Adjustable Trailer Coupler Lock

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Trimax Universal and Adjustable Trailer Coupler Lock
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This is a Universal and Adjustable Coupler Latch lock for all types of trailers. This product will lock most types of coupler latches and levers in the locking position. This allows for your coupler to be securely locked to your truck hitches towing ball. With a Simple 1/4 Turn lock and unlock function, this lock simplifies the time needed to secure your trailer. Trimax designs all their locks with the inability to be False locked or pop open by accident. This added piece of mind increases the effectiveness of this lock. The slotted lock adjustment pin allows for setting the lock at different lengths to accommodate different types of trailer couplers. This lock can be set at 7/8", 2 1/2", and 3 1/2" Spans to lock in place. 

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