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Trimax Ball Mount Anti-Rattle Clamp for 2 inch Hitch Receiver

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Trimax Ball Mount Anti-Rattle Clamp for 2 inch Hitch Receiver
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This Trimax anti-rattle receiver clamp allows you to clamp your ball mount and truck hitch receiver together to prevent any excessive annoying rattles as you drive. The clamp is a universal fit option for solid core and hollow truck receivers, the U-bolt and clamp easily mount on any 2 inch receiver. Installation and adjustment is a breeze with this Trimax clamp, just slip the U-bolt over your ball mount shank and position the clamp tab under your truck receiver and tighten the 1/2 inch bolts to clamp the assembly together. The heavy-duty clamp will prevent rattling and premature wear on your ball mount shank and receiver, perfect for trucks that are doing a lot of highway driving or active trailering. This Trimax clamp is a simple, effective, and sturdy solution to ball mount rattle on your truck!

- Trimax THC200 Anti-Rattle Ball Mount Clamp
- Fits 2-inch shank and receiver
- Universal fit for Solid Core and Hollow Receivers
- Easy to Adjust and Heavy Duty U-bolt and clamp includes 1/2 inch lock washers and nuts

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