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Trailer Wire Red Butt Connector

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Trailer Wire Red Butt Connector
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Here we have a red vinyl trailer wire butt connector that allows for the easy connection of wires for use on trailer wiring harnesses or lights. The connector is sized to fit wires sized 18 to 22 gauge and allows you to easily crimp and connect wires in an insulated package. The connector has a built-in wire stop, so you can position the wires and have them properly connected with ease. Simply insert your wiring into either end and crimp the connector down. These butt connectors are great to keep in your toolbox for any potential repairs on your trailer. You can easily use these to replace a faulty trailer light or wiring harness and get back on the road without needing to re-solder any wires. Make sure you have a few on hand just in case you need to make any emergency electrical repairs on your trailer!

  • Fits 18 to 22 Gauge wire
  • Red Insulated Vinyl Construction
  • The Conductor is made of Tin-Plated Copper

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