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Trailer Tire ST235/80R16 Heavy-Duty White Steel Mod 8 Lug Tire and Wheel by Loadstar

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Trailer Tire ST235/80R16 Heavy-Duty White Steel Mod 8 Lug Tire and Wheel by Loadstar
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This listing is for the high-quality 235/80 Radial 16 Inch Trailer Tire and Wheel Assembly that is designed and manufactured for heavy-duty applications. This Tire mounted on the 16 Inch White Mod Wheel is a 235/80, meaning the width of the Tire is 235 millimeters, while the 80 means the tire has an aspect ratio of 80%. This Tire is a Radial Tire, meaning it has Steel Belts that run Radially across the Tire's Tread which provides excellent durability, strength, and added stability. 

The Tire comes mounted on a 16 Inch White Painted Steel Modular style Wheel that is commonly found on heavy-duty Dump and RV Trailers. The modular style wheel and white finish allows for a clean, sleek look. This is a Load Range E tire and wheel assembly meaning this tire and wheel combo can carry a weight capacity of 3,500lbs on a standard single tire and wheel axle, and 3,197lbs if mounted on a Dually style Wheel. Due to the Load Range E rating, this is a suitable tire and wheel combo for use on heavy duty trailers and trailers hauling heavy equipment. 

The 235/80 Tire by Loadstar is highly resistant to failure due to punctures because of the Tread Profile that consists of 2 layers of Steel, 2 layers of Nylon, and 3 layers of Polyester. The stiff sidewall also consists of 3 layers of Polyester material. This tire is a tubeless tire, meaning there is no need for an inner tube. This completely eliminates the need for tube replacements and highly reduces failure due to punctures or tears.

Overall, this tire and wheel assembly is a great choice for heavy-duty trailers needing a reliable, strong tire with a durable construction and high weight rating ready to tackle the demanding conditions that these heavy-duty tires are often exposed to.

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