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Trailer Lug Nuts 5/8 - 18 Thread Zinc Plated 90 Degree Coned

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Trailer Lug Nuts 5/8 - 18 Thread Zinc Plated 90 Degree Coned
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This zinc plated coned lug nut is sized to 5/8 inch - 18 thread wheel studs, commonly seen on heavy-duty 8 lug trailer hubs and drums. You will generally see 5/8 inch studs on trailer axles that are 7,000 lb capacity or greater, and this larger wheel nut will allow you to tighten down and secure the trailer wheels to the trailer drums or hubs. The lug nut has an outer diameter of 1 1/16 inches, and features a 90 degree coned design.

These Trailer Lug Nuts are open style, coned Lug Nuts. The Coned side goes toward the wheel to offer a tighter hold between the wheel and the hub, and they are not to be used with a flat faced wheel unless you are using a wheel retaining ring. These 5/8” – 18 thread lug nuts feature zinc plating to protect against corrosion and give the exterior an attractive silver finish. These lug nuts are well suited for a variety of different trailers, from heavy-duty boat trailers, to cargo trailers or utility trailers.


- Zinc Plated for Added Corrosion Resistance

- 5/8” – 18 thread

- 90 degree Coned Open Lug Nut

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