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Trailer Incandescent Side Marker Light Red 135R

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Trailer Incandescent Side Marker Light Red 135R
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This Red Oblong Trailer Sidemarker and Clearance light features 2 bright Incandescent bulbs rated for 15,000 hours, has a durable plastic lens and is perfect for your utility or enclosed trailer. This red trailer Side Marker light measures 4" x 2" and is a surface mount design, so be sure to check that yours is the same size to ensure it fits in your grommet. If the 194 bulb ever goes bad, you can replace it through the rubber grommet in the back of the light, which conveniently acts as a shock absorber as you tow your trailer down the road.  The thing that sets this particular side marker light apart from other Incandescent lights is that it uses 2 bulbs instead of 1, allowing it to emit a brighter light in the same amount of space.  The light has a single power wire and grounds through the mounting hardware (not included). The Lens is also a snap on design so it can be replaced if scratched or otherwise damaged.


- Incandescent Red Clearance/Side Marker Light

- 4" x 2"

- Replaceable Bulb and Lens

- Hardware not included

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