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Trailer Fender Side Marker Light Bracket S90 Black Four Hole Mount

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Trailer Fender Side Marker Light Bracket S90 Black Four Hole Mount
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This black trailer side marker fender light bracket is designed to fit TecNiq S90 LED fender lights. This bracket can be mounted on top of your trailer fenders on either side and then used in conjunction with TecNiq S90 Amber/Red LED Side Marker lights. You can mount the bracket with 4 screws to the top of your fender, with each hold space 1 inch apart center-to-center and the overall length of the bracket measuring 8.45 inches. 

The bracket is made of sturdy black plastic and the design houses and protects the wiring from the LED lights so that your wires don’t get damaged. You would typically see this kind of fender mounted light on an enclosed trailer made by manufacturers such as Merica Cargo Trailers, USA Cargo Trailers, and Cargo craft. Purchasing a good mounting bracket like this keeps your side marker lights safe and secure! 


- Black Four Hole Fender Side Marker Light Bracket

- Fits Tecniq S90 Fender Side Marker LED Lights

- Mounting Holes Spaced 1-inch apart Center-to-Center

- Bracket Overall Length 8.45 inches

- Single Wire Runs along bracket to trailer wiring harness

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