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Trailer End Connector 6 Pin Round with Flexible Cable Guard

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Trailer End Connector 6 Pin Round with Flexible Cable Guard
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If you’re looking for a Heavy Duty Trailer End Connector for 6 pin round connections, this zinc plated option can withstand harsh weather conditions so you don’t have to worry about corrosion. In addition, the Coiled Cable guard is flexible, which is nice because it's not only strong, but the design protects the cables inside from fraying or being pulled loose from the connector housing when you disconnect the trailer wiring. It also features Finger Pulls, which makes disconnecting the 6 round Connector from your tow vehicle a breeze! 

The Heavy Duty 6 wire Connector has 2 screws which you tighten and loosen to access the connection to your trailer wiring. The screw that is located closest to the Coiled Guard is a set screw to hold the wires firmly in place inside of the casing. There is also a screw closer to the black end cap where the connection is made, and this screw holds that end cap with the copper coated contacts in place. If you loosen this screw, you will be able to feed the wires through the Zinc Plated protector and make the wire connections you need to the inside of the plug. After that, you can set the black end cap back into position and tighten the screws to keep everything in place. 


-Heavy Duty Zinc Coating

-Finger Pulls for easy Disconnection

-Flexible Cable Guard Protects the cables inside

-6 Inches in Overall Length

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