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Trailer E18 Tecniq Utility Light White LED Switched Dome Light

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Trailer E18 Tecniq Utility Light White LED Switched Dome Light
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This white LED dome utility light by Tecniq provides 800 lumens of light output in a compact and durable package. You can easily mount this light to the surface of your trailer with (4) #10 screws, and comes with a pre wired on-off light switch located on the bottom of the light. The light is resistant to moisture and designed to be vibration proof, plus because the lens are constructed with durable polycarbonate, you can feel good knowing that the casing is built to resist impact and allow for the LED light to shine brightly through.

Function and power are carried to the light through an 8-inch pigtail wire which requires a single 3/8" wire hole in the back of the light to run the wire through. One thing we really love about this light is that it is covered by Tecniq's lifetime warranty, so if the diodes ever fail you can get a replacement light through the manufacturer. 


- Mounts with 4 screws, spaced 3" apart in length and 1.25" apart in height

- 8" sheathed two-wire pigtail

- Vibration-proof and moisture resistant

- Lifetime warranty 

- 4.55" total width, 2.75" total height, 0.975" total depth

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