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Trailer Dropfoot Jack 8,000 lb Capacity Top Wind Square Weld On

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Trailer Dropfoot Jack 8,000 lb Capacity Top Wind Square Weld On
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The 8,000 lb capacity square drop foot trailer jack is a reliable trailer jack replacement that is perfect for utility trailers, as well as boat or jet ski trailers used in freshwater. The black powder coat finish provides a clean look that matches many trailer finishes, and provides protection against rust and corrosion, giving you greater longevity and reliability compared to a standard steel trailer jack. The top wind jack is designed to be directly welded to your trailer frame, so no mounting hardware is required.  

The included sand foot is perfect for lifting your trailer on any surface you need, it will find purchase on soft surfaces like sand and dirt and give you the ability to jack up the trailer wherever it is needed!

This square sandfoot trailer jack is simple to maintain with a greaseable zerk fitting that allows for easy relubrication, just attach a Standard Size Grease Gun and pump in your preferred trailer wheel bearing grease to keep the gears moving smoothly. This jack is great for just about any size trailer, with a total travel distance of 15 inches, this jack measures 24 1/2 inches while retracted, and reaches a fully extended height of 39 1/2 inches. 

  • 8,000-pound capacity
  • Weld On Installation
  • Travel of 15", Measures 24 1/2" to 39 1/2"
  • Drop foot measures 7.5" by 3.8"
  • Top Wind Ergonomic Crank Handle
  • 8,000 lb capacity square boat trailer jack
  • Powder Coat Finish for corrosive resistance
  • Includes grease fitting for greasing jack gear housing
  • Sandfoot / Dropfoot Style Jack

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