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Trailer Axle Castle Nut 3/4 inch for Trailer Spindles

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Trailer Axle Castle Nut 3/4 inch for Trailer Spindles
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This is a 3/4 inch trailer Axle Castle Nut is used to secure your trailers Hub and Bearings onto your trailer spindle. The 3/4 inch spindle size is a less common spindle diameter, so you will generally see this castle nut used on older spindles and some agricultural axles and spindles. You will generally use a cotter key or tang washer to secure the nut into place and keep the castle nut from backing off while the trailer is in motion. Your axle spindle assemby would also require a 3/4 inch spindle washer as well. This nut is the last thing that is installed onto your spindle, and once secured, allows you to install your Dust Cap and finish your project. If you have a smaller or more obscure trailer axle, this 3/4 inch spindle castle nut might be what you need to secure your hubs to your trailer axle. Check your trailer axles manul for proper torque specs when tightening. 

- 3/4 inch Trailer Castle Nut
- Steel Construction
- Fits 3/4" diameter trailer spindles

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