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Total Feet Ordered of 3 x 2 - GA

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Total Feet Ordered of 3 x 2 - GA
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Galvanized Angle is common for many types of trailer applications as well as other industries. Boat Trailers and utility trailers both use Angle as frame hardware material, bracket material, and as mounting surfaces for many different components. However, we offer this Pre Cut Galvanized Angle for use with any architectural application. This is Architectural Galvanized Angle with Specific Measurements of 3" x 2" x 3/16" Thickness. Galvanized Angle is ideal for Boat Trailer Applications, as well as any environment considered corrosive needing a stronger structural application. To Order, select the Pre Cut length that meets your requirements. If you would like multiples of the same length, select your desired Length from the Drop Down menu, and then select the Qty. you would like to order. You can Order multiple Lengths and Quantities to complete your order.  

Notes: The Thickness of this Material is based on the nominal thickness, before the Galvanizing process. The Galvanized Dipped Coating will vary the thickness by thousandths of an inch greater than the original material thickness. This Material is Cut from full sticks, so each piece will have at least one, maybe two, unfinished, and un coated ends.