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Tire Cover Pair Fits 27" - 29" inch RV and Trailer Tires

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Tire Cover Pair Fits 27" - 29" inch RV and Trailer Tires
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If you’re tired of Dry Rot on your lightly used RV, Camper or Trailer Tires, consider protecting them with this durable, heavy-duty Tyre Gard's by ADCO to hold the life of your tires from premature Dry Rot and separation. Made with Polyvinyl and Polypropylene construction, this tire cover keeps harmful UV Rays from penetrating, protecting your Tires from unwanted blowouts year after year. To install, simply thread the looped end of the Bungee Ball through the Grommet at the bottom of the Tyre Gard, place the Tyre Gard around the Tire and pull the looped end behind the Tire and through the second grommet, pull the looped end back behind the Tire again towards the Bungee Ball, slip the looped end over the Bungee Ball, and release! 

The Ultra Tyre Gard offers a clean tailored look, and the Bungee Ball Fastening System eliminates the possibility of losing your Tire Covers due to strong winds. Backed by a 3 year warranty, the Ultra Tyre Gard gives you a peace of mind knowing ADCO backs their products! 


- Polar White

- 3 Year Warranty

- Reinforced Grommets

- 27"- 29" Tire Diameter

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