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Tie Down Engineering Model 850 E Disc Brake Actuator with Solenoid

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This is Tie Down Engineering Model 850 E Disc Brake Actuator with pre installed reverse lockout solenoid with a 8500 lb Rated Capacity to operate single axle 6 Lug brakes or dual axle 5 Lug Disc Brakes. Tie Down Engineering has innovated the disc brake actuator to include some new features that make their products extremely user friendly. This actuator mounts to 3 inch wide trailer tongues with (2) 1/2 inch bolts using the standard pre-drilled holes on the actuator, and will operate any brand of disc brakes. 
Some new and great features of this TDE Disc Brake Actuator are its Drop and Go Auto latch, which is a 2 inch Ball Coupler, that will auto latch the coupler to the trailer ball when properly aligned, and minimal weight is applied. Also, a Cast Steel Latch Handle and Ball clamp are stronger and more secure than stamped steel from traditional surge actuators. These actuators include a Stainless Steel Safety Pin for securing the coupler onto your vehicles towing ball. Trailering anything requires both safety chains and/or cables attaching the trailer and vehicle, this Tie Down Model 660 E includes A Coiled E Stop Cable that is PVC Coated and corrosion resistance, to be used as an emergency surge brake stop in the event your trailer becomes un attached from your vehicle. You would additionally use tow safety chains as well.  
The Surge Action comes from the force created when you apply the brakes on your tow vehicle. The trailer surges forward, the actuator compresses, a damper applies pressure to the master cylinder, which forces hydraulic fluid into your brake lines, causing the Disc Brake Calipers to apply the brake pads against the rotors, to slow your trailer. 
These Tie Down Engineering Couplers have Grease fittings on the roller pins to increase the efficiency of the surge action, and make your actuator last longer. Additionally, a pre charged dampener eliminates the need to pump your master cylinder when bleeding the lines. TDE Actuators have an aluminum master cylinder housing, which has a larger capacity and larger fill cap than competitors. The aluminum master cylinder is also corrosion resistant, which is a major advantage that will allow your coupler to last much longer than before.