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Tandem Axle Round Fender Back 12" x 69" Raw Steel

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Tandem Axle Round Fender Back 12" x 69" Raw Steel
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This is a round tandem 12” x 69” raw steel fender back. This back can be painted or coated and is designed to be welded to a round tandem axle fender that measures 69 inches in length and at least 12 inches in height. The radius on this fender back is 19-1/4 and is 16 gauge steel. You might be looking for a fender back if you are in search of a way to protect your boat or cargo haul from rocks, dirt and road debris and as long as your fenders correspond with this fender back specifications, then you have found what you are looking for!

Also, we want to note that you do not need to get a fender back that matches the height of your trailer fender, however you should not get a fender back that is taller than your fender as this could cause clearance issues.


- 12” x 69”

- 19 – ¼ inch radius.

- Weld on installation.

- Paint-able / Coat-able.

- 16 gauge nominal steel

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