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Stainless Steel Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy Protector 2.441 6 Lug Hubs

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Stainless Steel Boat Trailer Bearing Buddy Protector 2.441 6 Lug Hubs


(1)- Bearing Buddy Bra 23B (+$3.99)
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This is a great bearing buddy to use in salt water since it is stainless steel and therefore will not rust. This bearing buddy measures 2.441" at its base, which is the location that is actually hammered into your Hubs outer face. It is designed to be used in most 6 Lug idler hubs, brake drum hubs, or integral brake rotors. The blue indicator ring will protrude slightly to let you know when it's full, or recede when you need to add extra grease. Boat trailer bearing buddies put a small amount internal pressure in the hub (about 3psi). When the hub is submerged water cannot enter the hub because of this pressure. It's a great way to extend bearing life and service your bearings in-between hub re-packs. Trailer Buddy's help keep dirt and water out of your hubs and bearings as well.

You can use this Bearing Protector for any type of trailer. Typically it is mostly seen on Boat Trailers as a result of its ability to assist in keeping water out of the Bearing Chamber. Another unique and convenient example which makes a Trailer Buddy great for any trailer application is the ability to fill your Hubs chamber with grease through the fitting on the outside end. This ensures that you have sufficient grease and your wheel bearings will be well lubricated. The proper lubrication of these trailer bearings prevents pre-mature failure and possible damage to the hub itself. 
Installation of this Product is simple with a hammer and piece of wood. The most important part about mounting the Bearing Protector in the outer face of your hub is even pressure. Hold the Trailer Buddy up to your hub, with the wood pressed against it, and apply even force with the hammer until the Buddy is fully seated into the hub.

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