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Set of 2 - Ultimate Aluminum and Stainless Steel Swivel Top Bunk Bracket 14 inch 2x2 kit

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Set of 2 - Ultimate Aluminum and Stainless Steel Swivel Top Bunk Bracket 14 inch 2x2 kit
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This is a set of 2 of the Ultimate Aluminum and Stainless Steel Swivel Top Heavy Duty Bunk Bracket. This kit is made up of all aluminum parts with stainless steel hardware. It is the LAST bunk bracket you will ever need. From top to bottom you are outfitted with anti corrosive parts that will last a lifetime. This listing is for two complete brackets, normally there are four or more on a standard trailer. Designed to mount to a 3x3 crossmember only, this product can be used as your main bunk assembly but is also frequently used with forward bunks to support the bow of the boat, especially on larger trailers. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware including stainless lag bolts to mount your bunks. These brackets are most commonly used with 2x4 or 2x6 wooden bunks.

This is a very common replacement part if you already have galvanized swivel top bunk brackets like Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket 10 inch Swivel Top Bunk Support Galvanized. The swivel top feature allows you to adjust the angle of the bunk to meet the correct contour of your boats hull.

The 2x2 piece of tubing is held in place by the hat bracket with pressure from the u-bolts. The hat bracket is shallower than the tubing which allows it to squeeze it to your crossmember. The solid aluminum 2" hat brackets are drilled to accommodate the two included 3" u-bolts for 3" tall crossmembers only.

Whats Included:
- (4) Heavy Duty Aluminum Swivel top Brackets
- (2) Heavy Duty 14" 2x2x1/4" Aluminum Tube (pre-drilled)
- (2) Heavy Duty Aluminum Hat Bracket
- (4) Stainless Steel 1/2x3x4 5/16" U-bolts
- (2) Stainless Steel 1/2x3 1/2" Bolt
- (8) Stainless Steel Lag Bolts to mount your bunks.

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