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Set of 2 - Bunk Bracket Swivel Top 12 inch All Aluminum 3x3 Kit for Bunk Boards

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Set of 2 - Bunk Bracket Swivel Top 12 inch All Aluminum 3x3 Kit for Bunk Boards
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These 12 inch Swivel Top Bunk Brackets are commonly replaced or newly installed in pairs, so we've made this discounted kit that comes with 2 Aluminum Brackets and the 2 Stainless Steel Mounting U Bolts (fits 3x3 cross member) to make it easier to replace all the bunk brackets on your trailer! 
With the swivel top connected with the included Stainless Steel 1/2" x 1 1/4" Bolt, the overall length of this assembly is 12 3/4".  This bunk bracket is mounted to your trailers frame with the included U-Bolts. The Size of those U Bolts means that this kit can only be mounted to 3 inch Tall by 3 inch Wide Cross members or trailer frames.  If you have a different size cross member or frame it would be best to buy the brackets and the Boat Trailer U-Bolt individually so you can get the correct size needed for your trailer.  

U Bolt Size: ½” x 3” x 4 5/16”
Industry Standard 12 inch Bracket Length
Can be used for 2x4 or 2x6 Bunks
Overall length (Bracket + swivel top) is 12 ¾”

All Stainless Steel and Aluminum Parts
Swivel Top allows you to adjust the angle of your Trailer Bunk Boards
All parts included for 2 Bunk Brackets, Bracket, Swivel Top, Bolt, Lag Screws, U Bolt and all hardware.