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S Hook Replacement with Clasp 3/8" Diameter for 3/16" Safety Chains

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S Hook  Replacement with Clasp 3/8" Diameter for 3/16" Safety Chains
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This Replacement S Hook measures 3/8" in diameter and is designed for use with 3/16" diameter Safety Chains.  The Zinc Plated finish will help protect it against corrosion and weather damage so you can install it and not worry about rust or metal degradation. This S Hook also features a safety clasp to better secure the S Hook to your tow vehicle, and nearly eliminating the possibility of the hook coming undone unless you take if off yourself.

If you had an accident with how your trailer was hooked to your tow vehicle, the S Hook of your safety chain may have saved your trailer or cargo from becoming damaged, but often the S hook itself will become damaged and need to be replaced.  You can simply replace the Hook on your Safety chain instead of getting an all new Chain and hook.  Slide the 3/16" Safety chain over the smaller part of the 'S' hook, then crimp that end closed using a vice.  It's okay if there is a small gap, just as long as the chain can't come undone from the hook.

Keeping your Safety Chains in top working order is important to ensure the safety of your trailer and the safety of those around you.  For other items related to Trailer Safety chains, please visit our Trailer Safety Chain Category

- 3/8" Diameter
- Zinc Plated
- Fits 1/4" Safety Chains
- Auto Closing Clasp/Latch
- Easy Installation

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