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Round Tandem Axle Steel Diamond Plate Fender 10 3/4 inch x 72 inch x 19 inch

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Round Tandem Axle Steel Diamond Plate Fender 10 3/4 inch x 72 inch x 19 inch
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This listing is for a Raw Steel Diamond Plate Tandem Axle Round Trailer Fender commonly seen on heavy-duty dump or cargo trailers and is designed to provide maximum protection for your Trailer's Tires and Wheels. This Tandem Fender is 72 Inches Long, 10 3/4" Wide, 19 Inches Tall and is manufactured using rugged 14 gauge steel providing ample resistance to wear and tear. This Fender does have a raw finish so this Fender will rust over time, but can easily be painted to match the color of your Trailer. 

This Trailer Fender is designed to cover 2 axles worth of tires and wheels and has an overall length of 72", making this a great option for a wide variety of Trailers. The 19 Inch height of this Fender allows ample space to clear your Trailer's Tires without the risk of slicing into the tire and creating a blowout. These Fenders are designed to be welded to the exterior of your Trailer, but can be bolted on if need be with the use of Fender Brackets, however this isn't recommended if you plan on standing on or using your Fenders to load things in and out of your Trailer. The teardrop feature adds additional protection by directing water away from the suspension components as well as aesthetic appeal. 

This Tandem Axle Steel Diamond Plate Fender is a durable, high quality fender made for any trailer owner who's looking for tough, rugged replacement Fenders to protect their investment.

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