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Pre-Greased Galvanized 5 Lug Trailer Hub Boxed Kit for 2000lb 1" Trailer Axle

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Pre-Greased Galvanized 5 Lug Trailer Hub Boxed Kit for 2000lb 1" Trailer Axle
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Here is a 2,000lb axle galvanized boxed hub kit by CE Smith that includes a hub, dust cap, lug nuts, and cotter key you need to replace a damaged or missing hub on your trailer axle! The kit includes (1) galvanized 5 on 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern hub pre-packed with heavy-duty marine grease, (5) zinc-plated lug nuts, (1) zinc-plated dust cap, and (1) zinc-plated cotter key. This is the perfect kit to have in your truck or trailer in case of emergencies. Everything fits into the hard plastic box snuggly and the box comes with an easy-to-carry handle. 

The galvanized finish and marine grease that is packed in the hub make it perfect for boat trailers, but it can be used on most trailers using 2000 lb axles with 1-inch by 1-inch bearing combinations (excluding those with a short spindle). The galvanized trailer hub also includes a grease fitting in the rear of the hub, so you can easily attach a Standard Grease Gun  to regrease the hub, whether you are using it on an Acculube/EZ-lube spindle or not! A spare trailer hub is a must-have for your utility trailer or boat trailer, and this CE Smith kit is a great option to ensure that you have the supplies you need on hand to tackle any incidents that you might run into!

- Includes (1) Pre-greased 5-Lug Hub, (5) zinc lug nuts, (1) zinc dust cap, (1) zinc cotter key
- Grease fitting installed in rear of hub to allow for easy lubrication
- All contents included in compact hard plastic case with carry handle

- Includes preinstalled bearings: 44643 (1 inch Inner Diameter) x 44643 (1 inch Inner Diameter)
- Preinstalled Seal: 1.25 inch Inner Diameter
- 5 Lug on 4 1/2 inch Bolt Pattern
- Sized to fit 2,000 lb Capacity Axles

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