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Pontoon Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Wing Style Galvanized

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Pontoon Boat Trailer Bunk Bracket Wing Style Galvanized
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 This is a Wing Style Pontoon Bunk Bracket mounting support for mounting to your trailer frame or trailers cross member. The design of this bracket is intended to accept (2) Bunk Boards for optimal support and guidance for the pontoons on your boat. Typically this item is used in pairs for (1) Set of bunk boards. This item is made of 1/8" thick steel, and is galvanized for maximum corrosion protection, making it ideal for both freshwater and saltwater applications. 
For product specific measurements, see the attached pictures. This item is typically mount with 1/2" Diameter U Bolts around the trailers C Channel or Box tubing Frame. The slotted holes in the Bunk Bracket allow for a good bit of adjustment and stability. Multiple mounting holes in the wings of the bracket allow the user to use Lag Screws or bolts to properly secure the Bunk Board to the Bracket. This bracket will typically accommodate 6" to 8" Wide Bunk Boards.  

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