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(PAIR) Kodiak Red Eye Trailer Bearing Protector 1.98" For 4 Lug and 5 Lug Hubs

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(PAIR) Kodiak Red Eye Trailer Bearing Protector 1.98" For 4 Lug and 5 Lug Hubs
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This Listing is Kodiak Part Number REBP1980AB. This listing is for a Pair of Kodiak Red Eye Bearing Protectors. This particular size is the 1.98" size. This will fit all standard 4 Lug and 5 Lug Trailer hubs. Kodiak Eye Protectors come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, included with your purchase of this pair. Kodiak Red Eye Bearing Protectors feature a one-piece housing with an O Ring seal, sealing the bearing chamber, keeping it water tight and protecting your trailers wheel bearings from dirt and other harmful materials. This Red Eye Bearing Protector contains a spring loaded piston for keeping this positive pressure seal in place. This process will also effectively pack your trailers wheel bearings. You will know your bearing chamber is full and the correct amount of pressure has been reached when the Orange Indicator Ring on the Center Piston is Exposed. If you would like to test this process, simply apply pressure on the Green Back portion of the piston, this will expose the Orange Fill Indicator Ring.
Red Eye Bearing Protectors are easily installed into the outer face of your trailers hub with a Flat 2 x 4 and a hammer or rubber mallet. Simply apply force upon the 2 x 4, with the Red Eye Protector properly placed. The ridged teeth on the Red Eye Protector ensure the tight placement of the item within you Hub. You then simply apply Grease with your trailers grease gun using the Zirc Fitting on the Red Eye Protector, until the Orange Indicator is exposed on the Center Piston Housing.  For additional installation instruction, check out this Red Eye Installation Instruction Manual. Follow this Kodiak Red Eye Warranty Registration Link to Print Out a Copy for your Records. 

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