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(PAIR) Boat Trailer Bearing Protector 1.98" Chrome Plated with Covers

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(PAIR) Boat Trailer Bearing Protector 1.98" Chrome Plated with Covers


(1) Tube Lucas Marine Grease (+$13.62)
(1) Tube Red N Tacky Grease (+$12.12)
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The Fulton Trailer Bearing Protector's are designed to fit your standard 1.98 inch Galvanized or Painted Steel Boat Trailer Hubs.  These Bearing Protectors feature a grease fitting on the end so you can add grease to the 4 lug or 5 lug hubs.  Doing so will build up pressure in the hub and will actively dispel water and debris, keeping the inside of your Hub and your Trailer Hub Grease clear of contaminants.  With the Built-in pressure relief, you can rest assured that you won't be blowing out the rear seal.  Grease will come out the front of the bearing protector to indicate that the hub is full, and that no more grease/pressure should be added to the hub.

Fits 1.98" Hub Diameter (Most 4 or 5 lug hubs)
Chrome Plated Steel
Spring Loaded Piston for building up Pressure in the Hub and keeping out debris
Pressure Relief warning - Grease comes out the front to signal that the hub is full
Rubber Covers to protect the Zerk Fittings and keep them from getting clogged
Comes as a pair, 2 Bearing Protectors and 2 Rubber Covers

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