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LED Standard Square T 85 Trailer Light Right Hand Submersible

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LED Standard Square T 85 Trailer Light Right Hand Submersible
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This Listing is for the Right Hand Side LED Submersible Trailer Light for your Boat Trailer or Utility Trailer. This Tec Niq Brand trailer light comes with a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty. This LED trailer Light operates the Stop, Turn, Tail, Side Marker, Clearance Marker, Rear Reflector, and Side Marker Light functions all in one great looking and sleek design. The Low Profile Side Marker and Housing allows for easy install, and minimal extrusion. This prevents pre-mature damage to the lights when trailering. These LED Lights provide reliable performance for over 100,000 hours of use.
The LED Lamp Panel is sealed and secured in an innovative and patented design, making the Panel itself Submersible, something that greatly increases the submersion of these lights over all competitors. And with a Lifetime Warranty, and Made in the Great USA, this option is truly a win win. 
The Dimensions of this light is 4.55" x 4.55" x 3", with 7 LED's in the sealed panel.
This Lights mounts into all standard Light Brackets with the Included Carriage Bolts. Coming out of this Light are the required wires, (1) White, (1) Green, and (1) Brown for connecting to your existing trailer wiring.

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